School Book Set


School Book Set


A collection of books for school and education settings. These books have been selected to cater for young people and children

33 Books

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This book set includes:

A Balloon Adventure
A Night in Space
A Day at the Beach
A New Home in the Community
Beyond Words Drama Handbook
Enjoying Sport and Exercise
Falling in Love
Feeling Cross and Sorting It Out
Food... Fun, Healthy and Safe
George Gets Smart
Getting on with Epilepsy
Getting on with Type 1 Diabetes
Ginger is a Hero
Going into Hospital
Going to Out-Patients
Going to the Dentist
Going to the Doctor
Hug Me, Touch Me
I Can Get Through It
Loving Each Other Safely
Making Friends
Peter's New Home
Ron's Feeling Blue
Rose Gets in Shape
Sonia's Feeling Sad
Speaking Up for Myself
Susan's Growing Up
The Drama Group
When Dad Died
When Dad Hurts Mum
When Mum Died
When Somebody Dies

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