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All of our books are created with universality in mind. They are picture books without words, originally devised for people with intellectual disability, but the books work for people who have communication difficulties, find pictures easier to understand than words, or are facing a challenging time where a picture can be used as a catalyst to disclose sensitive and emotional information in a therapeutic setting.

We have been forging relationships in the US, namely after extended visit in the Fall of 2015 where our Chair and Founder Baroness Hollins visited many organizations, including SCHOOL BOSTON.

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We currently print and distribute our books within the UK. We deliver to countries across the world and seek for the most economical way in order to fulfill your order as best we can without expensive shipping costs. Our books are also all available as eBooks which are half the price of a paperback and incur no shipping costs. We are currently building partnerships in order to print and distribute our books within the US, with appropriate adjustments in supported content in order to be most effective in the locality.

We recommend that you have a look at our YouTube channel here to see the books in action as we are currently unable to offer training in the US; something which we are working to rectify at the moment. All of our available books can be found in paperback here and as eBooks here. Please feel free to browse and purchase through the regular shop, however if you require a large order or a book set please email here so we can get the best shipping quote to you.

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The Beyond Words Team