The Books Beyond Words series of picture books, are stories about real life, to empower people to flourish in our often confusing, information-driven world, ensuring that their experiences and voices are understood and valued.

Our books all tell a story, but they also let the reader tell their own story – the one they see in the pictures. By telling the whole story in pictures, each Books Beyond Words narrative gives people the chance to work together and explore different types of situations:

  • everyday opportunities and experiences
  • things that are about to happen, like going to hospital or appearing in court
  • life decisions, like having a relationship or agreeing to an operation.
  • things that have already happened, like abuse or losing someone you love

They were originally devised for people with an intellectual disability, but they work for people with learning disabilities, people who have communication difficulties, people who have suffered trauma, or anyone who finds pictures easier to understand than words. Take a look at our YouTube channel here to see the books in action.

We have been developing our work in the USA, after an extended visit in the Fall of 2015 from our Chair and Founder Baroness Hollins who visited several cities and received many requests that we make the books available in America.

We are currently building partnerships in order to print and distribute our books within the US, but currently we print and distribute our books from within the UK. We seek the most economical way in order to fulfill your order as best we can without expensive shipping costs.

Have a look at the categories below, for books specifically designed for different support settings.

All of our available books can be found in paperback here and as eBooks here. If you require a large order or a book set please email here so we can get the best shipping quote to you.

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Whether a parent, carer or professional working with people who find pictures easier to understand than words you can find out what books and training are available. If you wish to return to the book shop please click here.