A Good Day's Work


A Good Day's Work

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Authors: Sheila Hollins, Shirley-Anne Wheeler and Wayne McGregor

Illustrated by Rachael Ball

ISBN: 9781784581046

paperback available

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Product description:

Work is a big part of life for both John and Daisy. They get some very important benefits from work, like friendship and money to spend on the things they want. There are responsibilities too, like being on time, following policies like health and safety, and working well as a team. A Good Day's Work shows John and Daisy taking pride in their jobs and understanding their responsibilities well, so that they can sort out problems when they crop up. The stories can be read together or on their own to help someone think about what the day-to-day reality of having a job is like, or to talk about their own situations and responsibilities and how they can make sure they are getting the most from their job.

This book is part of a mini series about moving towards work.

I’m very happy with [A Good Day's Work]. It will help people to find that confidence and that belief to say, ‘I want to be like that guy!’.

Wayne McGregor, co-author and expert by experience

The books will be such a help to so many people with learning disabilities and autism to understand the world of work, and what will enable them succeed with their career aspirations. I hope they will support an increase in the numbers of people with learning disabilities in meaningful and fulfilling jobs as we know that so many people are keen to work.

Kathy Melling, supported employment expert and series consultant