Getting on with Type 2 Diabetes


Getting on with Type 2 Diabetes

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Authors: Sheila Hollins and Rachel Besser and Libby Dowling

Illustrated by Catherine Brighton

ISBN: 9781874439608

Page Count: 50

Paperback available

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Product Description:

If you know someone with an intellectual disability who has type 2 diabetes, you can use the pictures in this book to help them understand what diabetes is and how, with support, this condition can fit into their day-to-day living.
The pictures tell the story of Fred who is diagnosed with diabetes.

We see the GP telling Fred that he can manage his diabetes by eating healthily and taking regular exercise. Later on, the GP also prescribes medication. The pictures are designed to help the reader to ask questions about diabetes and why it’s important to manage it by changing their lifestyle. You may want to give the person the whole book to look at or you could choose just a few pictures that you think will be particularly relevant.

The book will give you the opportunity to provide as much support and reassurance as is needed by the person you are supporting. As well as the pictures, a sample storyline is included, together with information about diabetes and where to find help and advice.

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